Kholee Blast offers a wide range of portable abrasive blast machine and accessories to cope with virtually all types of blasting environment and all the features that the professional user requires. With a guarantee fast filling, unrestricted airflow, easy access for inspection and maintenance design, our high production machines are manufactured to cover all possible requirements of the industry.

A choice of automatic or manually operated machines is available along with a grit valve, the single piece remote control deadman system and a silencer giving reduced labour cost, high efficiency of abrasive, performance and operator safety.

- High performance abrasive blasting of metal constructions and buildings, bridges, reservoirs, piping, concrete surfaces.

- Pneumatic remote control enables the system to be de-activated in seconds from the nozzle.

- Easily serviceable operational components minimizes down time.

- Large top inspection port provides quick pop-up change over and no need to battle with internal pipe work.

- Large urethane pop-up valve provides fast pressurization and allows quick abrasive loading.

Blast System Accessories

Fitted with remote control system, moisture separator, abrasive metering valve, screen, cover, nozzle, helmet, airline filter, 20m remote control twin line rubber hose, 20m or 40m blast hose with coupling and nozzle holder, 20m helmet breathing air hose, blast suit and the pair of leather/cotton blasting gloves.

Portable Blast Machine & Accessories

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