Paint Spray Room is typically used when it is impractical to conduct surface preparation or coating activities outdoors or in an unprotected indoor area. This can be due to several factors such as inadequate weather or atmospheric conditions, environmental hazards associated with the coating to be applied, worker preference, temperature regulation and vapor confinement.

Paint spray room is a specially designed enclosure used to house spray equipment and isolate expelled vapor that is generated during painting process. Painting process is used to apply corrosion preventative coatings to a metallic surface. The paint spray room is safe, fire-proof and explosion-proof.

Kholee Blast designs and manufactures paint spray rooms according to the different requirements from clients.The size of paint spray room depends on:

- Size of the products

- Number of man for painting

- Adequate working space around painting products

The painting spray room is comprised of room structure, painting system, fresh air supply system, air exhausting system, paint mist filtering system, heating system, lights, electrical control system etc. Kholee Blast can designs paint spray room with downdraft, side -downdraft or crossdraft according to different requirements of finishing system.

Paint Spray Rooms

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